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Make laundry day a fragrant delight with fabric softener

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    Perfume intenso e duradouro com preciosos óleos essenciais que estimulam o corpo e a mente.

Nothing feels (and smells) better than freshly washed laundry – after it's done. The process? Not so much … Find out how to get rid of unpleasant smells and add pleasant fragrances with fabric softener, learn more about the different scents and perfumes offered by Vernel and which uses they are best suited to.

How to get rid of smells in your washing machine

The washing machine is supposed to be where your laundry goes to get clean and fragrant, so an unpleasant smell emanating from the drum can be extremely off-putting. To figure out how to get rid of smells in your washing machine, you first need to figure out where exactly the smell is coming from.

If you notice a mouldy or mildewy smell emanating when you open the door of your front-loader washing machine, the first solution is to keep the door open at all times when the machine is not in use. There will always be a bit of dampness in the machine after a wash and the tight rubber seal on the door locks in that dampness if you shut it directly after removing the laundry. Airing the machine between washes alone could take care of the smell. If not, you need to take a closer look at all the places inside your machine where dampness could be trapped. Clean around and inside the rubber seal. Depending on the model of washing machine, you may be able to remove it entirely and give it a good scrub in the sink. You will probably find some pennies, half-dissolves tissues, the odd kids' sock and maybe some other small treasures rinsed out of pockets in the wash. After a while, anything that retains moisture will start to reek, so removing these items will go a long way towards getting rid of smells in your washing machine.

If the smell is coming from the detergent drawer, you can usually remove this and give it a good clean. Check the manual on how to detach it.

Finally, regardless of any smells in your washing machine, it's a good idea to regularly run a hot cycle to get rid of any bacteria. You could set the hottest temperature available and wash some towels, floor cloths and particularly dirty kitchen textiles about once a month. Alternatively, let the machine run hot without any load, instead adding vinegar or a professional machine cleaner.

How to remove odour from clothes

There are two steps to fragrant clothes. The first is removing odour from clothes, the second is adding a pleasant perfume. Comparing it to personal hygiene, it's like washing with soap before using deodorant and Eau de Parfum. Detergent cleans your laundry and gives a hint of fragrance. Fabric softener adds softness and scent intensity. In addition to that, laundry perfume adds that little bit of extra luxury scent. For truly fresh-smelling scented fabric, you should use both detergent and fabric softener.

How to find the best smelling fabric softener

Needless to say, “best smelling fabric softener” is very much a subjective title. Perhaps you like subtle scents, maybe you gravitate towards simple, natural smells or you feel more attracted to rich, luxurious perfumes. Whatever your olfactory senses require our Vernel range has you covered.

Vernel's best smelling fabric softeners
  1. Fresh-scented fabric softener
    A classic range of fresh fragrances straight out of nature brings the smell of a spring morning, wild roses or almond blossoms to your laundry. The scents last up to 100 days in the wardrobe, so reach for these products if you want the freshness to endure as long as possible.
  2. Aromatherapy scented fabric softener
    Take your laundry on a wellness retreat. Sandalwood, orchid, patchouli and gardenia turn your home into an instant spa escape. You might want to limit your use of these aromatherapy scented fabric softeners to home textiles and comfy loungewear to preserve the pampering sensation. Or maybe you'd prefer to take the intoxicating smells with you everywhere you go? Either way, the long-lasting fragrances will stay with you for up to 100 days.
  3. French perfume fabric softener
    The Vernel Suprême range offers an even more luxurious olfactory experience, featuring distinctive scents straight out of Paris. Perfumers created the signature formulas in the French fashion capital with fashionable consumers in mind. If you are looking for a spectacular perfumed fabric softener that will turn as many heads as your most eye-catching outfits, simply pick your favourite scent and hit the catwalk.
  4. Extra long-lasting laundry perfume
    If perfumed fabric softener isn't enough for you, add some laundry perfume for an ultra-intense scent. Suprême Perfume Pearls can be added to your favourite fabric softener for a scent that lasts up to 20 weeks
  5. Sensitive fabric softener
    Of course, a fabric softener can work just as well with minimal scent. Vernel's skin sensitive product is free of colour and preservative and has a subtle scent.
Using fabric softener as air freshener

If you are truly in love with your perfumed fabric softener, you can turn it into an air freshener. Create a DIY potpourri by spraying dried petals, fruit, fine cones or wood chippings with the diluted scented fabric softener of your choice, hang a scented fabric swatch from a hook in the bathroom or pour a fabric softener solution into a pretty glass bottle and finish it off with some diffuser sticks.

MMMMH, that smells ay-may-zing! Add a fresh fragrance to your laundry routine with our handy guide to the best fabric softener scents .🌺🌹🌼🌸

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