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How to use liquid fabric softener for smooth, fragrant results

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Nothing beats the smooth, soft feel, the neat, groomed look and the fresh, fragrant smell of professionally cleaned laundry? If a hotel stay or a visit with a particularly house-proud friend has given you a pang of laundry envy, it may be time to find out what fabric can softener do for you – and your laundry. Learn how to use fabric softener to achieve perfect results by following our step-by-step tutorial.

1. Find the right fabric softener for your needs

Finding the best fabric softener to suit your requirements is half the battle – and it might be super easy or very hard, depending on your decision-making process. There are three basic criteria that will help you decide. For some, the first and most important is the scent. If you smell a fragrance that immediately bowls you over, you're hooked for life. Vernel offers everything from fresh, flowery and sensitive scents to intense aromatherapy fragrances and luxurious French fine fragrances. Perhaps one sniff is all it takes for you to find your favourite. The second important aspect to take into consideration are potential sensitivity issues. If you are washing baby clothes or any textiles used by  people with sensitive skin, choose Vernel Skin Sensitive, which is free of colours and preservatives. The third factor you could base your decision on is the product consistency. Most Vernel products come in liquid form with a creamy consistency.

2. How to use fabric softener

If you've never used it before, it's probably a good idea to ask yourself, what does fabric softener do? Obviously, the answer influences how you use it. We've gone into more detail on how the product works here, but the short version is that the smoothening particles have a softening effect on textile fibres to make them soft and smooth. Naturally, this has to happen at a later stage of the wash cycle, to avoid the detergent washing off the softener.

3. How to measure fabric softener

Liquid products come in a bottle with a lid that can be used as a dosing device. The amount used depends on the size of your load and the desired softness and scent intensity. You can use more fabric softener to get softer, more fragrant results, or you can use a regular measure of fabric softener plus the desired quantity of Vernel Suprême Perfume Pearls laundry perfume (added to the machine directly) for a more perfumed load.

4. Where to put fabric softener

Pour your chosen product into the fabric softener dispenser lid to measure the appropriate amount and add it to your washing machine. Front-loading machines have a dedicated fabric softener drawer, marked with a softener symbol in the shape of a flower. This fabric softener compartment is usually in between the pre- and main-wash sections of the drawer or to the right of them. Top-loading washing machines usually have a little dip in the central column. Measure your liquid into the fabric softener dispenser lid and pour it into this indentation. You can find the dosage recommendation on the back of every bottle of Vernel fabric softener. Consult your machine's manual before using fabric softener for the first time, in case your model deviates from the standard described here.

That's it!

As you can see, using fabric softener is simple and straightforward. Check your washing machine manual and read the instructions on your chosen bottle of Vernel before using fabric softener for the first time – and soon you’ll be falling in love with your freshly washed laundry again and again.

Live your best life with laundry that feels and smells amazing! Our fabric softener 101 will show you how, even if you're a total laundry noob.

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