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  • 5 common mistakes to avoid when doing the laundry

    You may think you already know how to do laundry, but that doesn’t mean your routine can’t be improved. Read on if you’re ready to take your laundry process to the next level …

  • How to use liquid fabric softener for smooth, fragrant results

    You crave the smooth, soft feel, the neat, groomed look and the fresh, fragrant smell of professionally cleaned laundry? Learning how to use liquid fabric softener is half the battle! Find out how to step up your game on laundry day and soon you’ll be falling in love with your freshly washed fabrics all over again.

  • Modern mysteries: the fabric softener symbol

    Spin around three times and point to the fabric softener symbol. Can’t do it? You’re not alone. But if you want perfect laundry every time, you’d better check out our guide to your washing machine…

  • Make laundry day a fragrant delight with fabric softener

    No one loves doing laundry, but it’s a lot more bearable when you’re surrounded by a pleasant smell while washing, drying, ironing and folding your clothes. If your washing machine smells, you need to remove odour from clothes, or you simply want a pleasant air freshener for your laundry room, Vernel has you covered. Find the best smelling fabric softener for your laundry room with our handy guide.

  • Which fabric softener is right for sensitive skin?

    Just because your skin is a diva doesn’t mean you should miss out on beautiful, soft and clean-smelling clothing. Here’s how to select the best fabric softener for sensitive skin …

  • 9 reasons to add fabric softener to your laundry routine

    Fabric softeners make your laundry feel like a gentle hug from a soft and fluffy friend. They also make your clothes smell fresh and luxurious for weeks on end. That’s two good reasons to add fabric softeners to your laundry routine. Click here to find out the other seven.

  • 3 common fabric softener issues solved

    Does your fabric softener drain immediately? Or is your fabric softener not dispensing or draining at all? Do you think the drawer may be blocked? Luckily, most of these washing machine issues have simple fixes, so get to work with our simple step-by-step repair guide.