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Your Contribution

Enjoy wonderfully soft laundry and think about the environment at the same time - is that possible? Of course it is! We have a few simple tips for you to help you wash more sustainably. 

The correct dosage

In order to dose the right amount of softener you should consider a few aspects: how much softener is needed depending on the level of softness and fragrance and also the volume of the laundry & the size of your washing machine. The following tips should help you to dose the softener correctly, also for the benefit of the environment.

  • Consider the dosing recommendation on the softener packaging: On each Vernel product you will find dosing recommendations. It is being differentiated between levels of softness and fragrance you want to have.
  • Volume of laundry and machine size: The dosing amounts on the packaging are based on a typical load of your washing machine for a 4 to 5 kg machine. In case you have a machine with a larger drum above 5,5 kg you will also find on our Vernel products specific amounts for the dosing volume for big machines.

How to save energy

Nearly 80% of the energy used and the CO2 footprint of laundry detergents are caused by the use phase, i.e. the actual washing process at home. This is mainly due to the energy needed to heat up the water in the washing machine. We also recommend to load the washing machine as fully as possible to avoid half loaded wash cycles.

How to save water

Loading the washing machine as fully as possible not only helps to save energy but also water.

Calculate your footprint

Take a moment to use the Footprint Calculator developed by Henkel and the Wuppertal Institute (Germany) to find out how your personal lifestyle choices affect your carbon footprint. All data provided will be kept anonymous. 

  • Our mission

    We fully support the commitment of the United Nations’ Paris Agreement on climate change. For this reason, we want to become climate-positive by 2040 and make an active and committed contribution to climate protection.

  • Sustainability is the key

    We take great care to ensure that our packaging is functional and recyclable. Our bottles are recyclable after removing the sleeve and our bottle bodies are made from 100% recycled plastic.

  • Manufacturing Journey

    A sharp increase in CO2 in the atmosphere is causing a warming of the planet and is the main cause of climate change.