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Fragrances consist of a mixture of fragrant ingredients that are used to give a pleasant scent to the product and to the laundry. 

What are they used for?

Of the several thousand different perfume components used to create pleasant and long-lasting fragrances, some are more frequently associated with allergies than others and are therefore mentioned on the packaging of cosmetic products as well as detergents and cleaning products. They are therefore also clearly marked on Vernel labels. This should enable people with a known allergy to avoid products containing the substance when making their purchase decision.

How do we use fragrances?

The fragrance ingredients we use have different vaporization behaviours in order to provide a release profile over time - for a longlasting scent of the laundry. On top, some spefically designed perfumes also fight against unpleasant malodors, which is especially important for sportswear. All fragrances and all ingredients we use comply with all relevant legal regulations and have been thoroughly tested for compatibility with health. Our Sensitive products do not contain any of the fragrances which have to be labelled. 

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    We fully support the commitment of the United Nations’ Paris Agreement on climate change. For this reason, we want to become climate-positive by 2040 and make an active and committed contribution to climate protection.

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    Nearly 80% of the energy used and the CO2 footprint of laundry detergents are caused by the use phase, i.e. the actual washing process at home.

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    A sharp increase in CO2 in the atmosphere is causing a warming of the planet and is the main cause of climate change.