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Softening agent

The softening ingredient in the Vernel formula is called Esterquat. Esterquats are used to create a soft and subtle touch and feel. They are the softening ingredient based on fatty acids with a cationic charge. 

Good to know

Esterquats are used to create a soft and subtle touch and feel. Due to the surface effect, ironing force is reduced which can be experienced in easier ironing. Further additional benefits are the antistatic effect and strengthening the fibers reasoning in improved tear resistance of the textiles. In the past esterquats had a lack of biodegradability. The modern esterquat molecules are completely biodegradable. 

How do we use softening agents?

All ingredients we use are well assessed with respect to consumer and environmental safety. The fatty acid part of the esterquat molecule can come from different origins. The source could be from animals or plants. Many chemical processes are basically necessary to produce ingredients from the various raw materials. We do not produce the majority of the ingredients we use ourselves, but buy them from specialized manufacturers. 

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