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Did you know that bacteria can grow in your detergent? Preservatives, however, protect it from this.

Good to know

In liquid products, preservatives ensure that the formulations remain stable. Without preservatives, products can start to smell unpleasant or bacteria can grow. Preservatives that are added to detergents and cleaning products, regardless of their concentration, are indicated on the packaging in accordance with the EU Detergents Regulation. People with a known allergy should thus be able to avoid products containing the substance when making their purchase decision. 

How do we use preservatives?

We use preservatives very carefully and only as much as necessary. Thus, we try to avoid preservatives as far as possible when preservation can be achieved by other formula components. During application the product is generally diluted with a lot of water. 

  • Sustainability is the key

    We take great care to ensure that our packaging is functional and recyclable. Our bottles are recyclable after removing the sleeve and our bottle bodies are made from 100% recycled plastic.

  • Manufacturing Journey

    A sharp increase in CO2 in the atmosphere is causing a warming of the planet and is the main cause of climate change.

  • Be part of the movement

    Nearly 80% of the energy used and the CO2 footprint of laundry detergents are caused by the use phase, i.e. the actual washing process at home.